2023 Integra may be the latest internal combustion model of Acura

When he opened Acura 2023 Integra, it was a nostalgic ode to his past. This marks the end of the era, as it will be the brand’s latest vehicle with a new internal combustion engine.

Car news 2023 Integra announces that it will be the last new model to run on Acura and in 2024 it will be the first all-electric car. We contacted Acura to comment on this incident and will update it as soon as we hear about it.

“The deployment of Integra is really important, it’s a real gateway to the brand and a worthy successor to the original Integra,” said Emile Korkor, Assistant Vice President of National Sales at Acura. “We are pleased that this latest generation is doing what it can to build a loyal customer base in the electrification process.”

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Replacing the more conservative ILX, Acura has focused on transforming Integra into a higher and more productive vehicle not only to provide an attractive price tag, but also to create an attractive vehicle. And in December, Korkor said A.N. this time is not accidental.

“The advantage of returning to Integra right now is that it will help grow a new generation of consumers and increase loyalty as we move into a new era,” he said. “This is a new era, of course, electrification.”

The brand is moving to electrification faster than Honda and is skipping hybrids, instead switching directly to fully electric cars. Its first EV will be built on GM’s Ultium platform. Both Acura and Honda will build cars on the platform, and then any new cars will be electric.

According to Korkor, Integra will not switch to EV, but “whoever buys Integra, will be ready for the next generation, regardless of any iteration.”

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